Mobile Fingerprinting in Hudson Valley

As a trusted provider of fingerprinting services, we offer a comprehensive and seamless process that utilizes state-of-the-art fingerprinting technology to capture high-quality digital fingerprinting. We transfer the digital fingerprinting file to the FBI or other requesting agencies at the end of your

Typically, you will receive the results by email within 24- 48 hours.

What Fingerprinting Services We Offer

FBI Fingerprinting

FBI background check is a process that involves a review of an individual’s criminal history and other relevant information to determines their suitability for certain purposes, such as employment, security clearance, or immigration. Our digital Live Scan fingerprinting service ensures a secure transfer to the appropriate agency and offers a faster turnaround time than ink prints.

Reason For A Background Check

  •  Employment or criminal history
  •  Traveling visa
  •  Adoption Process 
  •  Immigration
  •  Personal review
  •  Court matters

Out of State Fingerprinting - Digital prints to card

Out of State Fingerprinting is the process of transferring fingerprints to a fingerprint card. Also known as hard copy prints. This is usually requested when you may be required to submit physical prints on a card for review.  Prints can be placed on FD-258 or FD-1164 cards.

Reason For OFS Fingerprinting

  • Employment in another state
  • Permits / Professional licenses review 
  • Volunteering
  • Traveling abroad

ATF Fingerprinting

The ATF requires all new and existing owners to submit fingerprints when filing eForm 1 and eForm 4. We can have ETF. files sent to your FFL dealer to upload to the ATF e-file portal or transfer to a hard drive for your convenience.

Reason For ATF Fingerprinting

  • Requirement for ATF eForm
  • NFA Firearm purchase
  • FFL Dealer

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